The Client wanted to create a real ale pub in the heart of a Yorkshire market town
to appeal to the mass market and not to alienate the local beer drinkers. It is set within an old Listed Building which built originally as a Hotel. Over the years and various uses and very little of the original interior remained.

The proportions of the building are quite elegant and therefore a new approach was required to give it a unique look. We therefore had to use this to our advantage and play with the scale of the furniture and create a new bar within the space. Firstly we had to create the interior architecture by designing new skirtings, wall panelling and cornices to give the room a heritage that would give the impression that it had been there since the original building was completed. The design of the bar and over bar was something that you may find typically in a grand hotel and because the ceilings were very high we wanted to give the new bar a real presence within the space.

We were inspired by Ilkley Moor and the wool industries. The furniture was sourced second hand, but we got some really great finds, which if reproduced today would be expensive. Carved high back benches and rams horn carver chairs. We sourced locally made tweeds to upholstered the furniture and we created bespoke brass lighting which we had manufactured locally. We also sourced traditional copper topped tables We wanted to create a uncluttered look, simple elegant and celebrate the craftsmanship in the designed elements. The colours were inspired by the Yorkshire landscape and beautiful skies which give an amazing contrast in tone and depth of colour.